Sea fishing

Several clubs or structures spread along the coastline will allow you to learn or qualify more about sea fishing. Whether it is the Ami du Pêcheur in St Gilles, David Doussot and Vendée Pêche Passion in Sables d’Olonne or many others, these professionals will make you discover the joys of this fishing by making you benefit from their thorough knowledge of the marine environment of Vendée. Whether it is big game fishing such as shark or tuna or more common fishing such as sea bass, meagre, pollock or bonito, there is something for all tastes and all levels. Don’t hesitate to try this unique experience, the quality of the fish caught is exceptional and as with our sardines from St Gilles, you will be able to enjoy your own catch.

Fishing on foot

Fishing on foot is also one of the main activities appreciated by our visitors but also by the locals who know the best spots for fishing on foot. During the high tides, you can try your hand at tracking periwinkles and bernacles, but also oysters, pine nuts, cockles, razor clams, small crabs or scallops and mussels. You can also fish bunches of pink or grey shrimp.

The tradition of sea fishing goes back a long way, before 1630, it was mainly cod fishing that was practiced, then came, brought back by the Moors, the net fishing that allowed the capture of many sardines in one go. The 19th century appears as a great innovation with the invention by Nicolas Appert of canning with the opening of the first canning factory in 1847. Around the 1880s, most of the sailors converted to tuna fishing, a fish that is highly prized throughout the world, and around the 1960s this activity reached its peak with 26 tuna boats.

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